Health care and social services

The Helmi municipal association is responsible for health care and social services in Haapavesi.

We have everything you need for preventive health care and treatment!


The outpatient service is responsible for providing medical services to citizens. This type of health care services includes appointments with doctors and nurses, lab tests and X-ray tests. During appointments, aid is provided to emergency and planned patients

An appointment not requiring immediate medical assistance with a nurse or doctor as well as specialty doctors can be made by telephone.

Registrar’s office (open Monday through Friday 8.00 to 14.00) by telephone 044 759 1400

Non-emergency appointments and lab test results by telephone 044 759 1403

Lab appointments:  044 759 1400, 044 759 1403

X-Ray appointments: 044 759 1400, 044 759 1403

Ambulance service

Monday-Friday:  8:00 - 15:30, tel. (08) 452 700

Evening and nighttime, weekend and holiday admission at the district hospital Oulainen

Duty operator tel. (08) 429 7840,

Information on patients and lab test results, tel. (08) 429 7801

Dentist’s department

Dental services on weekdays at the Haapavesi polyclinic dentist’s department, appointment time Monday – Thursday 8-15.30, Friday 8-14.30. Making an appointment by phone: 08 452 710

Emergency dental aid after hours (16.00-21.00), on weekends and holidays (8.00-21.00)

Northern Ostrobothnia Central Regional Hospital in Kokkola, dental services tel. 06 828 7450

Stomatopathy specialized aid department in Oulu, tel.044 7036 426.

Female counseling center

The goal of the female counseling center is support for the family during expectancy, preparation for pregnancy, giving birth and newborn care. The main objective is to create safe conditions for future mothers, fetus development, ensure healthy and safe environment for the newborn and the entire family. One can make an appointment at the female counseling center with issues of gynecology, get the necessary examination, lab tests and be sent to see a gynecologist.

 Making appointments with the female counseling center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00 to 11.00 by phone 044 759 1677 or 044 759 1424.

Physical therapy

The medical therapy center provides:

  • Psychic health services

We offer different services of psychic health for young people, labor force and senior citizens. Our services include prevention, rehabilitation and correction care. The center consults on the issues of psychic health and offers functional and therapeutic prevention and treatment groups to customers.

 - Alcohol and drug addiction services.

The A-clinic provides services at early stages of illness and conduct preventive activities in alcohol and drug addiction in a multi-professional cooperation. The work of the A-clinic is confidential and free of charge. Services are provided to citizens of Haapavesi and Pyhanta. Make an appointment at: -044 759 1477

-   Family consulting services

Sometimes to resolve a problem it is necessary to cooperate with a teacher, medical worker or kindergarten personnel. These contacts always take place by permission of the family, and families themselves take part in the negotiations. You can make an appointment with a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the family consulting clinic.

If necessary, we cooperate with different organizations in the best interests of the child and family.

The work can be in the form of individual appointments, meetings with spouses and family, child examinations and cooperation with different parties. Make an appointment at the family consulting clinic at: 044 759 1486

Family psychologist’s services, appointments by phone: 044 7591 507

School psychologist

The school psychologist works as part of the family consulting group and school guidance council. The work includes psychological examination and assessment of development, education and emotional life as well as psychological talks and consulting.

Family consulting services include also appointments with specialty doctors - family psychologist, youth psychiatrist and children’s psychiatrist.

Make an appointment on Mondays 8.30-10.00 and Thursdays 12.00-13.00 by phone: 044 7591 423

Adult consulting

Take your blood pressure, vaccinations or audiograms at the polyclinic.

Appointments on Thursdays and Fridays and also twice a month on Wednesdays by pre-appointment phone call: 044 759 1266

Diabetes consulting.

Appointments made Monday to Friday 10 to 11 am by phone 044 759 1426.

The consulting clinic also performs preventive work with patients predisposed to diabetes and medical examination of the unemployed. Make an appointment by phone: 044 759 1705

Social service bureau

The task of social work is to support and assist persons and families in coping with their problems. Social workers do social work providing recommendations and consulting to their customers, learning about their problems and organizing different kinds of help which support and promote safety and productivity of the person and family. Social services include those for children and families, labor and daily activities, servicing at home and help with everyday tasks.

Make an appointment with the social services by phone: 044 7591 282

Child protection service ensures safe conditions for growth and development of children, supports parents and guardians in the issues of upbringing, and provides preventive and emergency aid in extreme situations. If there are grounds for worrying and immediate help is needed, call the child protection service: 044 7591 001.

Help to families with children at home

This type of services is provided to different age groups to ensure their safe and comfortable life at home. Special attention is paid to preventive, not corrective measures.

You can use the services of:

  • Psychologists (work with families and school, examinations)
  • Social workers (child protection service, social work with adults, services for the disabled, workers for protection of children’s rights)
  • Family workers, family curator
  • Work with young people needing special adult support

Families with underage children can get help at home under the following conditions and within the available resources:

  • Serious illness or injury of a parent
  • Any other sudden crisis such as an accident, sudden death of a family member, examination, illness of the child, requiring presence of both or single parent at the hospital, etc.
  • Complicated pregnancy or postnatal complications
  • If two or more children are born in a family and the family situation is somewhat special
  • A grave disease of a child or invalidity (service at home is provided until permanent service is organized)
  • Such assistance is not provided for caring of a sick child if the parents can take a sick leave
  • Assistance is not provided for planned appointments with the doctor or nurse
  • A parent’s need to undergo treatment, for instance visiting a hospital or physical therapy (service at home is provided not on a permanent basis but until the family can organize constant care for themselves)
  • When a child is under observation, treatment or rehabilitation and presence of one of the parents is necessary, but the second parent cannot take care of the child due to work or studies and Kalajoki does not provide a place in the kindergarten during this period

Home service regulations

  • Home service is provided for a definite period and approved for the period from 1 to 3 months; in the first time instance ‒ for one month
  • At least 2 hours per day of service are provided
  • In extreme cases the decision is made on the basis of available data on the day of the call or no later than the following day
  • If this kind of service is insufficient, the family is registered in the department of the preventive family work or its situation is assessed by a social worker/family doctor from the child protection service
  • In order to get this service one must turn to the social worker who will estimate the need for service and make a decision if the service provision is feasible. One can make a telephone call or make a request during a personal visit.

Work with families

  • Preventive family work is a complex long-term service provided on a regular basis. It is not necessary to have a referral from a doctor or registration at the child protection service.
  • Work with families is aimed at helping them manage their lives, direct their personal resources correctly and cope with everyday situations. The goal of this work is to adjust everyday life of the family and make it good. Preventive family work is free of charge.

Work with expectant families

  • The goal of this kind of work is to help the family to prepare for the arrival of the newborn and the inevitable changes in everyday life related to it. The service is aimed first of all at those families where they expect the firstborn, but families expecting the second, third, etc. child can also use it. The service is free. The expectant family worker visits the home 3‒5 times, for the first time ‒ approximately one month before the birth of the baby. More detailed information can be obtained from the health care nurse at the consulting clinic.

Social protection of the disabled

Pursuant to the law on social services for the disabled, there are specialists working in our town to create conditions for the disabled to live as equal members of society and to receive assistance and help in their needs. Of great importance is also preventive help and support for the close relatives and guardians taking care of the disabled person. The social worker responsible for provision of services to the disabled can give a necessary consultation over the phone: 044 759 1326

Veterinary services (08) 450 600




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